You might be asking, “How can I help?”

Organize and Lead a Team:Donate_scrn

You might feel led to learn what it takes to lead a trip. Your church or group might be ideally suited to fulfilling one of the team commitments. This is not a small thing. We would love to hear from you and start you on the path to success.


Participate as a Short Term Missions Team Member:

When you are sent as a team member, you should be ready to participate in a unique life-changing experience. The lives you impact are not just the lives of the people you serve, but as a member of a team, you should expect God to do major work in your life as well.


My Church or Missions Group Would Love to Host:

There are many benefits to being a host church and having teams come to be a part of your ministry. It is much more than just having a bunch of new sets of hands to help out. There are many new hearts that will join you in prayer and growth as well. Legacy International has a training program for you to prepare to be as big of an impact for the team members who are coming to visit as for the members of your congregation.


Join the Legacy Team

We are looking for people who want to make the world a much smaller place. We are looking for people who love missions and love people from all over the world.

Please contact us directly through the contact page for positions and how that will work for you.


In shorthand, please consider the following:

  • Pray – Lord, open doors to further Your kingdom and grow the ministry!
  • Invest – Give financially to the project as God has blessed you
  • Connect– Help us find missionaries, pastors and teams that would run with this idea
  • Learn– Train and research so you can go and be a part
  • Go– Go on a mission’s team experience
  • Tell – Help get the word out/ Send people our way that are interested
  • Host – Be a church that hosts teams from around the world as they come to be a part of your vision and mission
  • Serve– Join Legacy International and participate in growing the organization with us

This is a huge vision, and we need many people to see it through.
Thank you for your interest.

We are excited to see Legacy International grow into what Jesus would want it to be.